FCAWA can support your organisation with strategies to manage and empower people in financial hardship and provide them with the knowledge and tools to overcome their financial situation. FCAWA can work internally with your organisation on the following training workshops: Workshop | Financial hardship
  • Understanding financial hardship
  • Working with clients in financial hardship
  • Strategies to manage customers in distress
  • Recognising unconscious bias
Workshop | Financial hardship impacted by family violence
  • Recognising the indicators and types of domestic and family violence and the underlying causes
  • Implementing valuable tools to assist your organisation in responding and communicating with affected customers
  • Making purposeful referrals
  • Recognising unconscious bias
Customised workshops and webinars
  • Workshops and webinars tailored to specific requirements

Meet some of our team who may work with you:

Colleen Crowley, a financial counsellor for nearly 18 years, is passionate about consumer rights and advocacy.  Colleen is currently working out of the Cockburn Integrated Health facility Success; contributes to the profession of Financial Counselling through supervision to five financial counsellors; two years on FCAWA’s Executive Committee; winner of the Synergy Excellence Award in 2013 and 2017; Cockburn Employee of the year in 2013, with a Cockburn Family Services Team award in 2014. 

“In life and professional work there is a true joy providing a voice for people who are, for many reasons, unable to articulate their needs and rights.  This requires the ability to sit with an individual, truly hear them and be in their place of being.  That is where the work begins – honour and appreciation for each individual.”  A favoured speciality is looking at peoples relationships to money, how they interact with money and what money means for them.