Financial Counsellors are non-judgmental, qualified professionals trained to help if you are in financial difficulty. They can provide information, support and advocacy at no cost, for anyone in hardship throughout WA.

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  • An appointment is needed to see a financial counsellor

  • You can search for a financial counsellor here or by calling the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007

  • Appointments usually last for one hour

  • Financial counsellors will complete a financial statement. They will ask:

      • approximate balance of your outstanding bills

      • how much you pay in housing costs, petrol, food, insurance, income, etc

      • copies of contracts for any loans you have (or statement). If you are unable to locate this, a financial counsellor can request a copy from your lender, with your written permission. Sometimes there are insurance policies within the contract you may have been unaware of that can help. 

  • Financial counsellors will explain your options and rights

  • Financial counsellors can contact creditors to negotiate on your behalf with written permission from you

  • Sometimes there are insurance policies within the contract you may have been unaware of that can help. There may be issues with the contract itself that may need exploring.

There is no cost for this service and you may need to see the financial counsellor on more than one occasion.



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