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Quality Standards

Why do we have financial counselling?

Financial Counselling and Capability Roles

Membership Criteria and Benefits

Financial Counselling in a Nutshell

ASIC Exemption and FC’s

Preparedness for the Financial Sector

Service Agreement

Code of Ethical Practice

Australian Privacy Principles

Referral Contacts

Hardship Contacts

Useful Links

Supervision Policy

Contents of a File

Please listen to the following podcasts BEFORE the Financial Essentials Training commences. The full version of the podcasts are also found in the documents below.

Legal Aspects of Running a Financial Counselling Service Document
Conflict of Interest Document
Useful Credit Codes Document


Fines Enforcement Document
Child Support Document
Bankruptcy Document Please Note with reference to the podcast – filing for bankruptcy is completed through an online bankruptcy form. The threshold for items like a car (as of 26.8.21) is $8150 and is indexed – so will increase over time. Always best to check AFSA’s website for current threshold amounts.
Mortgages Document

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