Drug and Alcohol

Guide to the treatment of alcohol problems
Assessment, brief interventions, withdrawal management, and post-withdrawal interventions for dependent drinkers.

Kids in Focus WA
The KIFWA programs offers a comprehensive array of services specifically for children affected by parental alcohol and/or other drug use, and to their families. It also aims to build upon family strengths and resiliency through information, referral and training to Family Service Providers and the AOD sector.

Drug and Alcohol Program
DAP offers individual counselling and group work experiencing issues with their own or someone else’s alcohol or other drug use.

PEPISU Women and Children’s Program
The PEPISU Program provides a range of services for both women with substance use issues who are pregnant and/or parenting, and for their families. Additional services are available for children affected by parental Alcohol and Other Drug use.


Problem Gambling Booklet

Definition, identifying a problem gambler and how to get help.

Mental Health

9 Signs of mental health issues

The following 9 signs are not to help you diagnose a mental health issue, but instead to reassure you that there might be good reason to seek more information about concerns.