Mortgage Stress Handbook
This handbook explains options for problems with home mortgages.

Home Loans
Information, options and flow chart.

When you miss a mortgage repayment
Information and options.

Private Rental:

Common problems
Common problems listed to understand more about your rights and responsibilities, plus contact number who can assist

Public Rental: 

Tenant Support Information for Financial Counsellors
Consistent understanding of the tools and resources available while assisting community members.

Housing Appeals
The appeal process allows you to have an unfavourable decision made by the Housing Authority reviewed.

Tenancy Factsheets
Checklists, information and rights.

Form 19 – notice to vacate from mortgagee to tenant/s
Residential Tenancies Authority. 

Department of Housing Agency Advocate Consent Form 

Department of Housing.

Tenant Support Handbook.

A basic guide to maintaining a tenancy, and what to do when assistance is needed.

Property Managers Handbook.

A basic guide to support your tenant in maintaining their tenancy, and what to do when they need assistance.

Moratorium WG 11.02.21

Future Renting WA Negotiation Guide

It’s time to start talking about your renting future

Landlords bulletin Issue 52

The rent relief grant, and renting beyond the emergency period