Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Consumer Law
The Australian Consumer Law is a new nationally uniform consumer law, replacing a wide range of existing national and State and …

A Guide to the Unfair Contract Terms Law
A guide to assist businesses, legal practitioners and consumer advocates understand the laws by explaining the unfair contract terms laws as simply as possible.


Bankruptcy Act
Link to the Bankruptcy Act legislation

Credit Providers

Code of Banking Practice
The Code of Banking Practice is a set of promises outlining how a bank should conduct itself in its dealings with customers, as well as specific requirements for banking services.

Section 28 Code of Banking Practice
Hardship Provision.

Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice
(most building societies and credit unions)
Hardship Provision – Section 24.

Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia
Hardship Provision – Section 13.


Residential Tenancy Act
Legislation covering residential rental properties.


General Insurance Code of Practice
The Code, which is written in plain English, sets out the standards that general insurers must meet when providing services to their customers, such as being open, fair and honest.

Insurance Brokers Code of Practice
The Code is an agreement between NIBA and its members (and other brokers who subscribe to the Code) which sets out the minimum service standards that clients can expect from brokers.
It also outlines how complaints and disputes regarding potential breaches of the Code can be resolved.

National Credit Code

National Credit Code
Legislation that includes section 72 (hardship variation)

AFIIA Codes of Practice 

AFIA BNPLPG Code of Practice – Terms of Reference for CCC

AFIA BNPLPG Code of Practice – By-Laws

AFIA – Code of Practice for Buy Now Pay Later Providers