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What is Community Recovery? 

Community focused recovery is essential. Disasters can deeply impact people’s lives and livelihoods, and helping communities recover from disasters can be challenging and complex. The overall role in Community Recovery is to support and build capacity: to remove barriers, to enable, and to use local knowledge and strengths. Helping communities recover from the sense of loss and uncertainty they experience, so they can live a life they value. 


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Emergency financial assistance to support those impacted by fire


Support Services


Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue offers supports and services to people in Australia, including how to cope after a traumatic event. 

Blue Knot Foundation
Blue Knot is the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. This site includes resources on understanding trauma, it’s impacts and healing strategies. 

Mental Health Australia
Mental Health Australia is the peak, national non-government organisation promoting the interests of the mental health sector. This resource includes information on trauma informed practices. 

Lifeline Australia
Lifeline Australia provides 24/7 crisis support for people who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping. 

Phoenix Australia
Phoenix Australia has a comprehensive Disaster Mental Health Hub.  This site offers many articles, and a specialised information to help support communities before, during and after a disaster. 


Lifeline 13 HELP – Bushfire Recovery Line – 13 43 57

Lifeline helpline specifically for bushfire recovery and other traumatic extreme weather events. 



DFES Information Hotline
Ph 13 33 37

Disaster and Emergency Support Services
Disaster Response Hotline 1800 032 965 (Dept of Communities) or emergencyservices@cpfs.wa.gov.au


Australian Red Cross
Practical emergency management resources to use before, during and after emergencies. 


Mariginiup Fire Financial Assistance

Up to $4000 to pay for food, clothing, transport and accommodation


Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund
Provides financial assistance to individuals for the alleviation and relief of distress, suffering and personal hardships, brought about by any disaster or emergency within Western Australia declared by the Western Australian Government or for which the LMDRF Board considers assistance is warranted.

Department of Communities
WA State Government assistance may be available to you. For further information contact the Disaster Response Hotline – 1800 032 965. Facebook 

Emergency WA
Recovery advice, available assistance and resources.


Home Hub
Home Hub offers a place to find or advertise affordable housing, including temporary housing available during times of emergency or crisis. 


Small Business Debt Helpline
Ph: 1800 413 828

Small Business Support Hub
Rural West
1800 612 004

Small Business & Rural Financial Counselling
Rural West
1800 612 004

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